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Reviews and awards


'it's melodic material was resourceful and pleasant.'  - The Guardian
Symphony No.1:
'He has a high seriousness and a sense of weighty compactness that will be worth watching in the future'. - The Guardian
' There is clear evidence of Mr Williams' technical gasp of his resources: confident, colourful writing for all orchestral departments, particularly in the central sostenuto'. - Daily Telegraph
' Very enjoyable to listen to. With any luck this piece will not be relegated to the SNO music library and  will make it's appearance again in the not too distant future'. - Evening Times
Scena 1
' The intensely dramatic quality is sustained in this piece and is a welcome addition to the viola repertorire, clearly written with special affinity for the instrument'.  - Harlow Gazette
The Dispossession:
' This work is texturally resourceful and characterised by a wide range of feeling' - Daily Telegraph 

 Japanese Fragments:

' A  sequence of seasonal musing, refined and well thought out.' - Music and Musicians

Elegy for Icarus:
' Its graphic, gestural deployment of a large orchestra was convincingly rendered' - Daily Telegraph
' Mr Williams' technical prowess is not to be doubted, and he conjured some opulent sounds from the orchestra.' - The Times
A Psalm of David:
'Ripe harmonic idiom and natural poetic flow.' - Daily Telegraph
At Night all Cats are Grey:
' Effective, sinuous and evocative scoring.' - Beds and Buck Observer
Light on Still Waters:
' An elegant and elegiac line.' - The Times

Six Miniatures:

' Written with wit, imagination and variety.' - The Times



The Ian Whyte Award for Symphony No. 1
Grand Prix de la Ville de Mons, Belgium for Music from Open Spaces
The William Mathias composition prize for  Within the Garden of Memory




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