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CDs and recordings


Graham Williams: Symphony No 1
Video uploaded by James Stuart


Graham Williams: String Quartet No 6
Video uploaded by Ourtext chamber music


The Song Within
clarinet/bass clarinet, cello and piano
The Muhlfeld Ensemble
Clarinet Classics CC0007

Listen - Allegro con fuoco (The Song Within)  (sample - track 10, 0:00-1:55) :




Three Nocturnes for solo piano
Junko Kobayashi, piano
Quartz QTZ 2004

' Even in such esteemed company their blend of impressionistic harmonies and poetic languor prove hauntingly seductive.' - Classic FM

Listen - Nocturne No 1 :




Mr Punch
Thomas Gould, violin
Quartz CHRCD078


listen whilst watching the score - Mr Punch


Listen only - Mr Punch (CHRCD078 track 3) :



Live performances

From the Music Box for wind trio :


Listen - String Quartet No 4, 3rd Movement :


Listen - String Quartet No 7, 1st Movement (0:00-2:08 - sample) :


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